An Open Letter to Bangladeshi Supporter(Attacker) from an Indian Cricket Team Fan

By this time we all know that our Indian Cricket and Sachin Tendulkar hardcore fan who travels every country supporting team India i.e Sudhir Gautam has been attacked by Bangladeshi Fans in Dhaka after the recent match. This is a very unfortunate scenario and all the Indian fans are deeply hurt with this attack. Here am writing an eye opening letter to all Bangaldeshi Fans and Supporters especially the one who attacked Sudhir Gautam.

To Bangladeshi Supporter/Attacker,

Firstly I congratulate on your success in the One Day Series against India. You have performed well on the field and won both the matches against Indian Cricket Team. But the off filed performance from Bangladeshi Fans was not at all tolerable.

What was the mistake of Sudhir Gautam?

He is a hardcore supporter of Indian Cricket Team and Sachin Tendulkar, he travels all over the world to support Indian cricket team overseas. Was that his mistake?

You have played many matches in India like T20 and ODI’s but we welcomed you with an open heart. Just imagine what would happen if all Indian cricket fans start attacking your team and Bangladeshi supporters who visit India to watch matches. But we didn’t do that.

No matter how much aggression our cricket teams show on the field but when they come outside they behave in a friendly manner with each other. Why do we fans fight outside when the actually players are in a friendly state?

Sudhir Gautam Says he was pelted by stones

We also thank the police who saved Sudhir Gautam in this attacked. Atleast they proved that all Bangladeshi people are not equal and they have humanity in them.

Its time to stop such things or else its gonna hurt Bangladesh at the end of the day because the whole cricket world knows the strength of Indian Cricket Council, they are the richest and most powerful cricket council in the world.

Let us know what do you think about this in your comments.

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