Pakistani’s Found Their Virat Kohli, But Instead Of Playing Cricket, He Is Selling Pizzas [WATCH VIDEO]

A few days ago, there were many discussions about a Pakistani journalist wanting Virat Kohli in exchange of the entire team. However, the journalist was literally slammed for the statement. Virat Kohli is the man of the moment as he continues paving way for the success of the Indian Cricket Team.


Well, all that was just a part of social media discussion and wasn’t a serious matter. After that, people are now going crazy about a video surfaced online. It was surprising to see that Pakistani’s actually have a Virat Kohli. Confused?

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Earlier, we had seen many doppelgangers of many persons and many celebrities. But this time, it’s Team India Captain Virat Kohli’s look alike who looks ditto. In the clip, you can see a ditto Kohli working at a Dominos store there.


At one point of time, you will find it difficult to differentiate between real Kohli and a fake one. People have gone crazy over this doppelganger and it won’t come as a surprise if he’s turned into a model or a celebrity soon.

Watch The Video Here:

Our reaction was also same when we saw the Pakistani version of Virat Kohli. A guy from Karachi Mustafa Sohail shot this video and uploaded it on “Just Pakistani Things” page. He has been identified as Mustafa Sohail.

We all know that Virat Kohli played vital innings against South Africa to push India to the Semi-Finals of the ICC Champions Trophy. Apart from the professional life, his personal life also floats around the web.

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