Sachin Tendulkar’s Classy Reply To Sourav Ganguly’s Threat Of Quitting The All-Star League Is Pure Gold

Sourav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulakar’s opening partnerships for India were one of the main reasons that no fan could afford to miss India’s batting in the 90s. Both the stars are featuring in Cricket All Stars league in the United States in which Sourav Ganguly has fired a threat to former India opening partner Sachin Tendulkar – that he will leave Sachin’s team in the All-Stars League and take the first flight back home to Kolkata if he is not allowed to open the innings.

Sachin Tendulkar's Classy Reply To Sourav Ganguly's Threat Of Quitting The All-Star League Is Pure Gold

“I have told Sachin, if I don’t open, I will catch the next flight to Kolkata. So that is a criteria for playing,” Ganguly, who was in a jovial mood, told a news channel after practice.

Here’s the Tendulkar’s classy reply to Dada’s threat:

Needless to say it is every fan’s dream to watch Tendulkar and Dada open again but it is difficult especially since the squad has one of the most devastating openers of all time in Matthew Hayden.

The matches will be played at some of the grandest baseball stadiums in USA, starting from Saturday. The two teams of Sachin and Warne consist of 28 retired legends of the game coming together for the first time to make the sport more popular in USA.

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