Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Is Praising A Bhopal Teenager And Here’s Why

Nineteen-year old Bhopal teenager created an app, called the “My Child App” under FB Start- Facebook’s new platform designed specifically to help mobile start ups in their early stages. When Harsh Songra was woken up at 2 am on Wednesday by the frequent Facebook notifications after the social media site’s chief operating officer (COO) Sheryl Sandberg published a post about him and his startup, My Child App. “We’re supporting developers like Harsh who have great ideas but can’t always access the resources they need,” she posted.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Is Praising A Bhopal Teenager And Here's Why

“This is cool. I am really honoured that Sheryl Sandberg mentioned about My Child app and is supporting us. This is just a start for us and way to go. I would like to thank my team for always supporting me. So thank you Aafreen Shreya Lehar Pratibha for getting the work done. We have a vision to empower parents with the use of technology. This is a good start but we have a lot of surprises for you all :),” he posted. You can check out her whole post here:


Why Harsh Songra Created My Child App?

Harsh lived with a developmental disorder called dyspraxia until the age of 9, when he was finally diagnosed with the condition. This lack of adequate access to information motivated the teenager to create a solution to help others like him to get quicker access to the appropriate medical care.

Easy to use and handle, Harsh’s app helps parents understand the developmental disorders their child may be suffering from just by giving a few basic inputs. Here's Why Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Is Praising A Bhopal Teenager

Songra has started learning android programming from the age of 16-years. “I am happy that Sandberg appreciated my app in her post. I have attended a programme of ‘FB start developer’ held at Bangalore on August 11. Around 500 developers from across the country participated in the programme but FB COO choose me”, Songra told HT. Songra is now busy in upgrading the programme to enable it to help parents catch developmental disorders even when the child is in the fetal stage.

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