Here’s How to Use Reliance Jio 4G SIM on 3G Phones (All Methods)

Method 1 : Qualcomm Chipset Using Jio 4G SIM on 3G Phone


  • Firstly, step to download Shortcut master android application.
  • After downloading shortcut master, simply install it in your android device.
  • Now open this app and select engineering mode or service menu from main menu.
  • Here find system app option if this option is not available then dial *#2263# from dialer app.
  • Now Go To Key Input And Enter 0000 and Wait for some time.
  • After that, select System app option and you need to change LTE bands.
  • Now go to Select – Protocol – NAS – Network Control – Band Selection – LTE Band and select Band 40.
  • After that restart your 3G phone and enjoy reliance jio 4G sim in your 3G phone.

Method 2 : Mediatek Chipset Using Jio 4G SIM on 3G Phon

  • First step is to download MTK Engineering Mod android application.
  • After download, install the app in your android device.
  • Now, open this app and dial your engineering mod code to open engineering code find your correct code for your android device according to model.
  • This android application allows you to run advanced setup from engineering mode menu. This code is different for all android device.
  • After service mode is open, you need to configure preferred network.
  • In network mode option, select 45 LTE/WCDMA/GSM option.
  • Select simply restart your android device and enjoy reliance jio 4G sim in your 3G phone

Method 3 : For Moto G and Moto E

  • First step is to open Dial-pad app and dial this number *#*#4636#*#*
  • After dialing, you will get testing page and select phone information option
  • Now click on set preferred network type and select LTE/GSM auto (PRL) option.
  • After that shut down your Android device and enter your activated reliance jio 4G sim.
  • And Enjoy reliance jio 4G sim.

Remember use this article and all content is only for Educational Purpose. Methods to use reliance jio 4G sim on 3G phone at your own risk because these tricks are a little bit risky.

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