6 Lifestyle Apps That Will Transform Your Life

A mobile device makes life easier in so many ways. It does a lot more than just making phone calls, sending messages, and getting directions. With so many useful apps in the market you can now perform an array of activities like shopping, reading the news, booking movie tickets, transferring funds, and paying bills.

6 Lifestyle Apps That Will Transform Your Life

Check out this list of 6 game-changing lifestyle apps.

Urban Clap

Urban Clap is a lifestyle app that will truly revolutionize the way you live your life.

You know how difficult it is to find time and energy to get the maintenance work done around the house, find guitar classes, or even book a salon appointment? Those days are gone!

Now, with UrbanClap, you have every service you’ll ever need at your fingertips. Find professionals like plumbers, carpenters, beauticians, fitness trainers, and wedding planners any time you need them, from anywhere. Get the UrbanClap, a lifestyle app on your mobile to make the search easier.

It’s never been so convenient to access convenience!

India Code Finder

This a pretty useful app to have. Download it, and you can find PIN codes, IFSC & MICR codes, STD codes, toll-free numbers of multiple businesses, and a list of local FM channels in your city.

Want to mail wedding invitations to friends and relatives? No worries! Just use this app and you can find postal codes for over 1 lakh towns and cities across India.

Planning to call up friends in other states? Check out the proper STD codes using this app. Even if you’re transferring funds and need the correct IFSC number, India Code Finder can give you the right code for several bank branches across India.

Oxigen Wallet

Oxigen is an RBI-certified money-transfer app. This is a secure wallet used to transfer money, recharge mobile phones or DTH connections, order food, book tickets, buy items on ebay, pay for train or bus tickets, and so much more.

Oxigen has partnered with numerous merchants and you’ll get reward points for spending money at their stores. You can even convert these payback points into cash using the app.

Thanks to this app, you can gift your friends recharges or cash, buy from online shops, keep track of your transactions, and even set up regular payments for monthly bills.

Map My Walk

Do you walk every morning? Maybe you take your dog for a run? Or do you enjoy a leisurely stroll with your spouse, where you can share quiet companionship while getting a good workout?

If you do, download the mapmywalk app on your mobile. Using its GPS, you can create maps of the routes you take on your walks, share newly-discovered walking trails, and find routes and pathways that others have discovered.

You can even provide details of the route, like the distance and type of terrain. It’s a great way to get motivated and motivate others in turn, by keeping track of the distance walked and calories burnt.


This is a fantastic iOS app that helps you create instructional guides for any task.

Once you have finished creating the how-to manuals, you can share them on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. If you want, you can even send an email to friends who seem interested.

You can create text guides, step-by-step instruction manuals, and multimedia guides with audio and video instructions.

Snapguide even has a tutorial on how to use the app. It comes with a built-in dictionary and an audio recorder to help you create detailed tutorials. You can even snap pictures or record videos and add them to your Snapguides.


Mirror is an app that turns your phone into a mirror, so you can try on makeup or take a selfie and share it.

If you’re on the road and need to freshen up before reaching your destination, pull out your phone and turn on this app. You can wipe your face, put on your makeup, apply a touch of lipstick, and attend to your other various beauty rituals.

This app makes images appear bright, so it’s a lot better than simply using your front camera. Tap the screen to take a picture of yourself and upload it on your favorite social media platform.

Mobile devices have made life easier, and not just in terms of communication. With innovative apps, your phones and tablets can be used in ways that you never thought of before.

Browse the app stores and download these applications to make your device truly multifunctional.

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