28-Year-Old Man Swallows Mobile Phone In Prank With Friends, Ends Up Getting Stuck In Stomach For 7 Months

A 28-year-old young Egyptian man swallowed a mobile phone 7 months ago while he was trying to prank with his peers, but he ended up going to the hospital.

Local news agencies reported that a gadget was detected in the 28-year-old man’s stomach after he underwent ultrasound in a state hospital.

The ultrasound was carried out in a state hospital in the province of Benha, north of Cairo.

Dr. Mohammed Al Jazar, a consultant of the pulmonary tumor and a heart surgeon, said that ultrasound that was carried out showed the presence of a smartphone inside the stomach of the man, whose identity was not shared with the public.

Dr. Al Jazar said that the patient was referred to a general surgery department in the same hospital.

He will be undergoing emergency surgery.

The patient reportedly swallowed up the device 7 months ago during a bout of joking with his friends.

The doctors that are treating him said that his entire family did not know about the incident.

The patient initially thought that he would be able to poop out the cellphone after it would pass through his digestive system.

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