Facebook Hired Engineers from Google for Its Chip Development

Previously, Google had hired its engineers from Apple. Coming from the company, these people were who designed Apple chip and had helped the company to make its own processors. However, just like that now Google has got a rival who is planning to build its chip. Also, it’s Facebook.



What do the reports say?

According to Bloomberg, apparently, Facebook is pushing its plan on creating its chip. For which Facebook has been doing everything there is. Moreover, among the steps, it hired engineers from the company Google. Same as Google hired from Apple to create its own chip. As per reports, Facebook hired Shahriar Rabii. Who will be heading the team of its silicon development efforts? He is the guy who led the group which developed the chip for Google devices. Moreover, also a part of the team which developed the Pixel Visual Core. Which is the first chip Google has that allows a third-party application like Instagram to take HDR+ quality photos?

Until this month he was with Google. However, he joined Facebook.



What does Facebook plan?

A few months ago Facebook dropped hints, which it is planning something really ambitious. It had hinted that it has ambition for its own processors. One of the listings called for a person to manage an “end-to-end SoC/ASIC, firmware and driver development organization.”

Though Facebook is among the top, it’s never known for hardware. Compared to other like Apple and Google. Nothing about hardware is what comes to mind when thinking about Facebook.

Though, the company has refused to talk about him. That still makes it a secret on what exactly is he going to be doing correctly. On the devices, the Facebook is currently working on. As per previous reports, Facebook has been working on a table for video calls. Moreover, a smart-speaker. Apparently, he will be working under Andrew Bosworth who currently is the company’s head of virtual reality and augmented reality.



Which could mean that the company is planning on making its own chips for the Oculus devices? However, it remains as unofficial. However, the specifications do suggest that Facebook would be developing a chip.

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