Jio’s Fixed-Line Broadband, Jio GigaFiber All Set to Start Another Price War

Ever since Jio has joined the race in Telecom. The industry has become a war place, where everyone is struggling to keep up with the cheap offers from Jio. Moreover, after reasonable mobile tariff, consumers are soon to enjoy. Jio’s Fixed-Line broadband, Jio GigaFiber. As per experts, Reliance Jio will expand the market, like never before.



How many people used Fixed-Line Broadband currently.

As per a report, the statistics show that around 400 millions people use broadband in India. However, though the number of people using bandwidth is very high. Out of them, only 18 million people are using fixed-line broadband. The reason being said for this is infrastructure, but the potential is enormous. However, now since Jio is all interested in space. It’s entirely possible that the market will grow.

What does an expert analyst say?

“The next price war will happen in the broadband segment as Reliance Jio start making inroads into this space. Apart from broadband and DTH players, this will impact Bharti Airtel as it is aggressively ramping up its presence in this segment,” the Mumbai-based analyst said requesting anonymity.



The biggest name in the space currently.

Though, the market currently is not at its maximum potential. Now, the biggest name in the fixed-line broadband game is BSNL. It has a 9.2 million user. After which comes Airtel, with a user base of 2.19 million users.  Though these two are the biggest name in the space, there are other companies. Like Den Networks, Hathway, ACT Fibernet, MTNL.

What would be the effect of Jio on the market?

Apart from the fact that Jio will undoubtedly expand the market. According to many experts, Jio is said to follow the same strategy. According to them, just like telecom, the company could provide free service. At least for the first 3 to 6 months. After which the pricing of the service would be highly competitive.



The Jio GigaFiber is said to be available in 1,100 cities at the start. According to the chairman of the company Mukesh Ambani. The aim is to reach more than 50 millions homes which would increase in the future as well.

Jio’s Fixed-Line Broadband, Jio GigaFiber All Set to Start Another Price War

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