Overwatch New Upcoming Hero, Wrecking Ball To Be Released on July 24

Overwatch is a multiplayer online game. Which picked up fame ever since it came out. It grew rapidly and soon had become one of the most played game in the world. Moreover, now there is good news for the people who perform the game. Blizzard Entertainment, which is responsible for the game development. It announced Overwatch’s new upcoming hero.



Which will go live on July 24 and will be the 28th member of overwatch’s character list?

When was overwatch launched?

The game was laughed back in 2016, May 2016 to be precise. It was launched for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. As soon as the game came out, it picked up the pace and grew over 40 million players. Now, since the game could become a bit repetitive for some people. Adding some new stuff has always been refreshing in these types of games.

What’s the new hero?

Though it looks like a cute Hamster. It is not as sweet as it may sounds. Given that it has named Wrecking Ball. His original name is Hammond. The small hamster piolets a robot ball. Talking about his class, it comes under tank class. Which means it surely can take much beating.



With abilities a lot more different than any characters so far. Like one of his strength allows him to grapple the ground. After which he is capable of swinging himself. Now either he can crash himself on an enemy. Alternatively, it could reach high places which are not reachable with a regular jump. Though he is a tank, it’s an “off tank.” Which means he is not expected to be the main tank of the team. However, to release some pressure off the main tank.

He doesn’t have anything to save allies from damage. However, his offensive tools look much more effective.



The character has been played in the test server, from June 28. The test server team make sure everything is balanced. Also, if there is anything they need to polish or tweak, test server allows them to do so. Before the launch of the character. However, now, the character is soon to hit the main game.

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