PhilHealth Officials Buy Mysterious “Most Expensive Laptop In The World” Worth $2.3 Million Amidst Corruption Claims

The authorities in the Philippines are officially the owners of the world’s most expensive laptop, which is worth $2.3 million USD. However, its specifications were not shared with the public.

Before that purchase, the Tulip E-Go Diamond was the most expensive laptop in the world and it costs $355,000. The Tulip laptop comes with leather skin and has white and gold diamonds embedded in its body.

To put things in lighter concepts, the MacBook Pro 16 with 2.4GHz 9th Gen Intel Core i9 can be bought in the Philippines for PHP 399,990, which is a pretty powerful laptop and can be used to carry out any task that you throw at it.

It is reported that the government-owned and controlled PhilHealth purchased a PHP 4.11 million laptop.

Not only that, but PhilHealth even approved the purchase of a laptop worth PHP 115.32 million.

Representatives from PhilHealth did not reveal the full specs of this mysterious laptop.

According to GizGuide, “Philippine Health Insurance Corp (PhilHealth) president Ricardo Morales and other high-ranking officials approved the purchase of overpriced equipment and software amounting to millions of pesos.”

The PhilHealth’s initial information and technology budget for 2020 was pegged at P2.1 billion, but the proposal was thumbed down after a review of the costs showed that items listed in the budget were redundant and were overpriced.

The budge that was proposed ahead of the senate was questionable because several items were priced up to quadruple the amount approved by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT).

The news comes amidst corruption claims in the department.

A recent report suggested that PhilHealth executives admit state insurance firm will go bankrupt next year as ongoing Senate inquiry unearths anomalies in the agency, including an alleged PHP 2 Billion overprice in IT system acquisitions and “fake COVID-19 cases.”

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