PUBG Server Down, A New Update for Android and iOS and It’s Content

Tonight Tencent, company behind the famous game Pubg has confirmed it would go in maintenance. This comes as the company is ready to release a new update. The Pung server down for latest update for Android and iOS both.



Details about the new update.

The new update, patch 0.7.0, which before this was in beta testing. The game is all set to go in maintenance for an extensive period. Before, the game has been in support for 24 hours. So it’s expected that the game would not go online before 24 July.

Details about the update.

As we said above, all the new things were in beta testing before. The new things include a new game mode, new UI. The war mode is new faced paced mode. Which is based on Arcade mode but much faster? The war mode would be available for players during a specific time of the day.

The new things include,

War mode- faced paced mode like Arcade mode. However, much faster.

New weapon- apart from the new mode, the latest update will also bring a new weapon. Which is said to be a sniper. SLR sniper.



Portable closet- this is a new feature. Apparently, players will be able to put clothes in this. Also, this would allow them to change the outfit anytime during the battle.

Previously, there has been a delay in an update in iOS. Android had received the updated, but iOS faced some delay. Which became a problem in cross-platform play. Between Android and Ios.

Details about the game.

Pubg or Player Unknowns Battleground is a battle royal game. The rules of the game are simple. 100 players jump on a huge map. Upon landing, they could pick up guns and supplies. Which would help them in fighting? The last one standing is a winner. Apart from this, there is a play zone.



If any player goes outside of the play zone, they start taking damage and eventually die. The play zone gets smaller and smaller as the game continues. Also, the intensity of the damage increase as play zone gets smaller. The last person standing wins the game.

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