Do You Know Why There Is A Tiny Hole In Between The Camera And Flash on Many Phones?

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. Especially, iPhone has much craze among the people due to its stunning look, incredible features, and design. Despite the fact that millions own an iPhone, many are unaware of some of the most amazing features hidden away in this little device.

And if we aren’t actively using a given feature in a device, we usually don’t bother finding out its purpose. Unless you’re a tech enthusiast and like to stay informed about the latest updates in the field.

No matter how much we call ourselves a pro in using and understanding iPhone, there are many things we still don’t know about iPhones. So, today we came up with something we notice every day in our iPhone, but we are still unable to figure it out.

Have you ever noticed a tiny hole on the backside of the iPhone i.e in between the flash light source and the camera? Do you know, what purpose does this tiny hole serves?


Basically, every iPhone since the iPhone 5 has had a tiny black dot between the lens and flash. Have you ever wondered why it is there and what does it do?

Well, its function is more important than you have imagined.

This tiny hole is basically a microphone. Yeah, you read it right. Technically, it is not a microphone that would listen to your voice but this one is for noise cancellation. This microphone can eliminate background noises so that the caller on the other end hears only crystal clear voice.

Yes, it’s a powerful noise cancellation microphone, one of the 3 microphones present in an iPhone:

The receiver/front microphone near the earpiece, the bottom microphone next to the headphone jack, and the rear microphone between the camera lens and the flash.


This tiny hole allows allows Siri to recognize your accent easily. It also removes pixel noise to an extent while taking pictures.And lastly, it helps in recording better audio when making HD videos with the rear camera.

And lastly, it helps in recording better audio when making HD videos with the rear camera. Now, you may wonder why iPhone needs these three microphones.

While the bottom and front ones are used for user’s own voice and hearing purpose, the one at the back is useful for video recording and for digitally removing background noise when you’re on a phone or FaceTime call.

Watch the video:

Also Note: Try investing in a phone case that doesn’t cover this essential microphone, else you’ll be hampering your own iPhone experience.

When you’ve got such an advanced and user-friendly smartphone, make sure you explore its full potential!

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