Slovakia: Two planes collide in mid-air show rehearsal, 7 Killed

Slovakia: Slovakian Markiza TV station has reported, Two planes were carrying civilian parachutists rehearsing for an air show collided in mid-air on Thursday killed seven people, The site of the crash was just 30 km from Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, a spokes woman for rescue services said. One aircraft was reportedly an Let L-410 Turbolet. Plane crash in Slovakia

Local media reported the plane collision occurred over Slovakia’s Cerveny Kamen village and  that “sports planes” were involved in the accident. Between 20 and 40 people were on board the two aircraft, and village people witnesses seeing some of them jumping with their parachutes open, the website of the daily Dennik N said. Officials said that some of the parachutists survived by jumping from one of the planes just before the collision happened. A spokesperson for the Slovakian fire service confirmed that seven people had been killed in the crash which occurred at around 8.30 GMT on Thursday morning. Three helicopters were being used to reach the crash site, which was located in a fairly remote, hilly area near the border with the Czech Republic, according to a spokesperson for the rescue team.

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