[VIDEO] Watch This Indian Girl’s Awesome Dance, It Will Make You Speechless

This high voltage dance performance by an Indian girl will definitely make you go speechless. It was an energetic performance from her on ‘Maari – Thara Local’ beats and it was really awesome. After watching this dance video, you would be agreeing it too. And we bet you can’t stop yourself from watching this video for the second time.

Watch This Amazing Girl Dancing on Maari Beats:

Such an amazing dance, it is! The dance style is called ‘Gaana’ and is from the tamil tradition. The video posted by ‘Tamil Dance World’ in YouTube has been going viral in the social networking sites.

The girl dancing in the video is known to be named ‘Rajivana Ehamparanathan (Jeenu)’ who is a choreographer. She also participated in the dance show ‘Nadana Rajas’ on IBC Tamil Television.

You really rocked it girl!

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