23-Year-Old Protester Delivers Water To Riot Police During Black Lives Matter Demonstration

A heart-warming moment was caught on cam when a demonstrator handed out water to riot police during a peaceful protest.

The incident happened in Pennsylvania, USA.

Alexander Cash, the kind man, was caught on cam approaching lines of officers in an East Liberty Target car park on May 31, 2020, carrying a number of water bottles that had been donated to the protesters.

Cash was one of the organizers of the protest, and he could be seen and heard walking up to officers saying that he knows they are thirsty.

Some of the officers that heard him smiled at him, some of them straight-faced, which lead him to say:

I wasn’t yelling at y’all, don’t be looking at me like that. I’m just trying to spread a message, okay? I know you guys are out here doing your jobs. I’m not mad at you. I’m mad at the ones that are doing it to us, do you understand?

Cash then bend down to the ground in front of them, ripping open the plastic packaging as he told the state troopers:

We came out here peaceful, that’s what I’m trying to show you.

He left the water there so that the police officers could drink it.

As he walked away, Cash told the police officers that thanked him for his help to stay positive.

The protest was one of the 2 peaceful protests that were being carried out in East Liberty, Pittsburgh, on Sunday, with hundreds of gatherings to demand justice for George Floyd, who was killed by police officers.

The horrible incident happened in Minneapolis, USA, when Police Officer Derek Chauvin kneed over Floyd for over 8 minutes, which killed him on the spot.

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