Australian Couple Win Over $71,000 In Lottery Jackpot And Have A Baby In The Same Day

New South Wales, Australia: A couple went all out after winning over $71,000 in a lottery jackpot and having a baby on the same day.

Let’s talk about having a good day eh.

A man from St. Leonards, New South Wales said that he decided to buy a ticket for Monday’s Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot draw because that was the same day his wife was going to give birth.

The winner explained:

I actually bought the ticket because our baby was due and we were feeling lucky! Turns out we really were.

The lottery ticket was a 71,610.15 top prize winner.

After winning, the man’s wife gave birth to a healthy baby.

The unnamed man added:

We had a baby and a win all in one day. It was an incredible day all round. I can’t wait to use this prize to look after our baby and his beautiful mother. We would love to put this prize towards getting a nice apartment.

Such an amazing thing to witness in times like these!

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