Black Lives Matter Activist Loses A Testicle After Being Hit With A Police Rubber Bullet

A South African Black Lives Matter protestor claims that he lost a testicle after being shot by cops in the groin with a rubber bullet.

One day you’re protesting the next day you lose a testicle.

According to reports, the incident happened last month in Los Angeles.

Bradley Steyn, the victim, said that police officers with the LAPD fired a rubber bullet that hit him in the groin, which has left him infertile.

He is currently seeking to launch a legal claim.

Steyn claims that his manhood was raptured in the incident he was left bleeding out in the street.

The victim said he took part in a demonstration on May 30 in Los Angeles’ Fairfax district.

He also set up a GoFundMe page and shared images of his inner thigh to the public.

Steyn said he had to start a page so he could pay his medical bills and legal funds.

The victim said:

At the march I was shot by a member of the LAPD with a rubber bullet in the testicles. One of which was ruptured and led to me almost bleeding out on the streets of Los Angeles.

During an interview after the incident, Steyn said that he got shot in the groin when he was trying to protect a woman when the police came.

Recalling the incident, he said:

Police used batons to a young woman who was sitting on her knees. I tried to get him off her, and I was hit across chest by a police baton. A policeman saw me trying to physically push the cop off her and hit me in the chest. Then he aimed for my genitalia – he was two or three feet away – and shot directly into my genitalia.

After he was hit, he said that he passed out due to the extreme pain that he felt.

He also went through a surgery on the same day.

The LAPD released a statement about the incident, where they said:

We are fully committed to investigating every allegation of misconduct or excessive force related to the recent protests. We have assigned 40 investigators to look into each alleged instance and will conduct a thorough investigation. We will look into every complaint thoroughly and hold every officer accountable for their actions,” the department said earlier this month, adding that 56 complaint investigations have been opened, 28 of which involved alleged uses of force.

Because of the fact that he only has one testicle now, the victim might not become a father in the foreseeable future.

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