Cheating Boyfriend Is Caught By Detective Girlfriend Thanks To Reflection In Selfie

A 24-year-old girl caught her boyfriend cheating thanks to the reflection the sunglasses his boyfriend was wearing was caught.

Her quick thinking and detective work have helped her become viral on social media.

It was just a normal day for 24-year-old Sydney Kinsch until her boyfriend, who is now her ex, sent a picture that he took while he was out.

In the picture that he sent, which he sent on Snapchat, the man was wearing sunglasses and was driving.

Well, the first mistake is that he is using his smartphone while driving a vehicle on a highway.

But that’s not the only problem.

Sydney noticed something wrong in the picture and was really quick to catch it.

After noticing the reflection of the sunglasses of her boyfriend, she took a screenshot and noticed that there was someone with her.

There was another woman.


The woman had her legs up and was enjoying the ride with Sydney’s boyfriend.

Sydney shared the news on TikTok in order to share that she was betrayed by the love of her life in the most horrible way possible.

The video that she shared from TikTok is so viral that it has over 1.8 million views.

She shared the video with the caption: “That one time my boyfriend of 4 years snapchatted me him cheating on me.”

In the video, she uses the picture as the background.

She then moved it to the side to reveal the reflection of another woman.

Sydney was not happy with what her former boyfriend sent during the trip.

She also confirmed that the woman in the picture was not the sister or the cousin of her boyfriend.

The former boyfriend’s explanation is the funniest one that you will hear.

Sydney called him and asked him if he realized that she saw that there was someone with him.

The boyfriend called her crazy.

That’s what you say when you get caught.

Well, at least she now knows that he’s not the one for her.

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