Chinese Husband Offers His Back As A Chair For His Pregnant Wife

A short video of a man offering his back to his heavily pregnant wife is now viral on social media and it is winning the hearts of everyone.

Watch the full video below:

The video shows a man at a hospital in Hegang, which is located in the Heilongjiang Province of North-Eastern China, offering his back as a chair for his heavily pregnant wife.

In the video, you can see the couple standing in a crowded corridor as they were waiting for their turn.

The pregnant wife could be seen pacing up and down the corridor in obvious discomfort and appears to struggle to stand on her feet.

Pregnant women face fatigue problems and frequent numbing in their legs.

The woman then grabs onto a railing that is attached to the wall so she can steady herself.

After realizing his wife was in extreme pain, the man decided to sit down cross-legged on the corridor’s floor and offer his back up as a makeshift seat for his suffering partner.

The wife then sits down on the back of the husband.

Not only that, but the man also offers a glass of drinking water to his wife, which she happily accepts and drinks.

The video was believed to have been captured by a hospital surveillance camera and has caused a storm when it was originally posted on Weibo, a twitter-like social media in China.

In the video, you can also see unoccupied chairs that were too small and too close to the ground, which was hard for the pregnant woman to sit on.

The video shows how amazing a relationship can be once we start to make our partner’s problems ours.

Cheers to the guy in the video!

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