Chinese Nanny Slaps Newborn Baby Like A Toy As She Tries To Get Him To Sleep

A horrible video that is viral on social media right now shows a nanny slapping a baby as she tried to get the baby to sleep.

Mr. Tian, the 26-year-old father of the infant, reportedly saw the nanny slap the buttocks, feet, and hands of the baby.

The entire incident was caught on a secret camera that was installed by the parents.

In the video, 50-year-old Wang Mou, the nanny, could be seen handling the crying baby and slapping him as he lied on the bed.

Not only that, but the nanny also slapped the baby on a different occasion, when he was lying in her arms.

According to reports, the incident happened in the city of Shahe in Northern China’s Hebei province.

The wife of Tian uploaded the video on the messaging platform WeChat, where Chinese Bloggers and many social media users shared it on their personal accounts.

A police statement says that Tian saw the footage for the first time on Saturday, August 1, at around 6 pm, and confronted the nanny the same day for slapping his baby.

Tian, the father of the boy, then went to the agency of the nanny along with his older brother and complained about the mistreatment.

The authorities have launched a case for the incident and said that they are treating the incident as an administrative case.

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