CNN Reporter Gets Mugged Live On Air At Knifepoint By Homeless Man

A CNN reporter from Brazil was mugged at knifepoint in Sao Paulo live on air by a homeless man, who wanted to get 2 of her smartphones.

You can watch the entire video below:

Bruna Macedo, the reporter, was in the city with her news crew to report the rising water levels of the Teté River when the incident happened.

She was reporting near the Bandeiras Bridge when a man appeared on the bridge.

While talking with Rafael Colombo, a news anchor, the man appeared beside the reporter and demanded the cellphones from her.

Macedo greeted the man and stepped back in shock after he pulled out a knife.

The presenter then handed him one of the 2 smartphones that she had with her when the incident happened.

The camera control center then panned away to show an empty section of the street.

The homeless man then demanded for the second device of the reporter, who went away after getting what he wanted.

Colombo later said that Macedo returned to the CNN center after the horrifying incident and was not injured.

During an interview with Folha de São Paulo, Colombo said:

It was impossible to understand what was happening at the time, if it was a homeless person passing by. But after what happened, we cut the image and explained [the phone] was stolen. He threatened her and she handed over a cell phone, but he knew she had two, because she has a private and a corporate one. She had a terrible scare, but she is fine, she didn’t have any kind of injuries.

The reporter that is involved in the incident will be pressing charges against the homeless man that held her on knifepoint.

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