Couple Protect Their House With Guns After Armed Black Lives Matter Protesters Broke Iron Gate

A couple from Missouri, USA, are facing backlash on social media for bringing out guns as they protected their house from armed BLM protesters that broke an iron gate to get into a private street.

Couple greets protesters with guns

A social media video showed an armed couple standing outside their home in St. Louis Sunday evening, shouting at protesters, while people in the march urged the crowd to ignore them.

Posted by FOX6 News Milwaukee on Monday, 29 June 2020

Al Watkins, an attorney for Mark McCloskey, 63, and his 61-year-old wife, Patricia, said that the couple only drew their firearms when they spotted multiple people with deadly weapons.

The couple said that the protests were largely peaceful and were not bothered by their acts, however, they spotted 2 white men menacing them.

Watkins said:

At the time, their fear was, these people, two in particular, that were marching along with the Black Lives Matter protest participants – all peaceful. They were acting in a fashion inconsistent with the message being given. My clients were not arming themselves against peaceful protesters. They were arming themselves about people with a really bad motive, a motive that runs afoul of the fundamental tenets of our country.

After Mark and Patricia brought their guns outside, people started to threaten them, while completely being unaware of the reason behind the couple’s reason.

Watkins added:

My clients, though, had to deal with comments that were from two individuals that were perpetrating these acts of violence and, not charging, but coming toward them and doing so in a fashion that was threatening, menacing and in a fashion inconsistent with the Black Lives Matter message.

The couple then called the St. Louis Police Department and told the investigating officers that protestors had broken an iron gate that was marked with “No Trespassing”.

The incident went viral on social media when a user shared it on Twitter.

In the video, the couple could be seen standing outside their house with their guns drawn out against people that were walking on their property without their permission to do so.

The man in the video appears to be in a verbal altercation with someone, but because of the chants, their words couldn’t be heard.

Watkins said that the McCloskeys have each practiced law for more than 30 years have and “their practices have included, on an ongoing basis, representing individuals in pursuit of protection of their civil rights.”

Protestors in the area were headed towards the house of Lyda Krewson, a Mayor, as they demanded her resignation.

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