Doctors Tell Family Their Dad Is Dead, But They Found Him Alive After Breaking Into Morgue

Doctors in Colombia told a family that their father had passed away, however, they found him alive in the morgue of the hospital.

According to reports, 67-year-old Juan Jose Munoz Romero was brought to the Las Penitas health clinic in Sucre, Colombia, with high blood pressure, where doctors told his family members that he had died 2 hours after arriving there.

The daughter of Juan was told she could not see the body because of the ongoing coronavirus protocols.

However, she broke into the morgue of the hospital to look at her father one more time just to find her father breathing and conscious.

Doctors still convinced her that her father was dead.

Martin, the son of the father, said:

My sister did not believe that answer and decided to take the body from there and we took him to another clinic. But all that time in the morgue had affected him and he was suffering from ischaemia.

Juan is currently being treated at the La Concepcion clinic.

The Las Penitas Clinic or the local health authorities did not release a comment about the incident.

The family of Juan are currently considering taking legal action against the clinic.

Marlon David Rodriguez, the nephew of Munoz Romero, said that his uncle tested negative for the coronavirus.

Ischaemia, the health problem that Romero had gotten, restricts blood supply to the tissues, which leads to a shortage of oxygen.

This sometimes leads to false death reports.

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