Doorbell Camera Captures Huge Meteor Exploding In The Sky Above Derbyshire

A lot of hilarious moments are caught on doorbell cameras, but sometimes they end up capturing something that is very unusual.

A doorbell camera in Derbyshire captured an incredible moment, showing a massive meteor exploding in the sky.

Gary Rogers, a resident of Derbyshire, said he received a text alert from his security camera after it detected suspicious movement outside his house on the evening of Monday.

Upon checking the video, he saw a huge meteor exploding in the sky above Derbyshire.

The video was captured at 11:30 pm on Monday, and it showed a bolide, an extremely bright meteor, crashing towards Earth and disintegrating in the atmosphere.

Rogers said, “I thought it was a firework at first, but I listened to the sound and you couldn’t hear any noise.”

He added, “I thought it could have been a plane crashing but the footage clearly shows a large ball of fire. It was amazing to see.”

He continued, “I’ve seen shooting stars before but never a meteor. I thought it’s definitely not a firework, it was too bright for that. The whole horizon was lit up and there was no sound.”

Rogers said he saw the trail and the thing, which he did not know what it was in the beginning, exploded in the sky.

Upon realizing, he said he knew the thing was a meteor.

Talking about capturing the moment on cam, Rogers said, “I saw the trail first then it exploded into the sky. I knew then it was a meteor.”

He added, “It was really nice to see. I was expecting it to be a fox or hedgehog-like usual.”

He continued, “My friends have been saying it’s like something out of ‘War of the Worlds’.”

Rob Dawes, the chairman of the Sherwood Observatory, which is located in Derbyshire, the UK, said Rogers was very lucky to see a bright meteor in the sky.

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