Father Brutally Beaten By Teen Gang Outside School After He Stepped In To Protect His Son

Disturbing footage has shown that a father was savagely attacked by a group of teenage gang members after he stepped in to protect his son.

According to reports, the father stepped in after the teenagers confronted and attacked his son.

In the video, the teenagers could be seen punching, kicking, and stomping the helpless father, who was alone against the students.

The incident reportedly happened outside Park Ridge State High School in Brisbane.

The video starts with the father hitting a boy who pinned his son on the ground, which led other students to punch the man.

One student could also be seen performing a flying kick on the dad.

The police have launched an investigation into the incident.

The father that was in the video made a formal complaint, said Nick Edwards, an acting senior sergeant.

Sergeant Edwards said:

I was blown away by the pack mentality of the students and that they gave no thought to what could have gone wrong with their actions. To see the student spit in the parent’s face was disgusting.

The Queensland Department of Education said that emergency services were called to the school.

However, they could not if the students involved in the incident were punished.

The school is currently working actively with the families and students that are involved in the incident.

They are being dealt with the Responsible Behaviour Plan of the school.

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