Flames Shoot Up Middle Of Tree After Being Hit By Lightning Strike

Maine, United States: All sorts of weird things are happening this year, the coronavirus pandemic, the bubonic plague, and an unknown pneumonia are just some of those many weird things.

If they were not enough, we are bringing you trees spewing flames.

Yes, trees on fire.

Firefighters in Maine responded to a blaze that was reported in Wales on Wednesday and were shocked after they found a large tree with flames.

Units are currently operating at a lightning struck vs tree on Leeds junction road.

Posted by Wales Maine Fire Dept. on Wednesday, 8 July 2020

The tree had flames emanating from the length of its trunk after it got hit by a lightning strike.

A video that was shared by the Wales Fire Department shows the entire cavity of the tree on fire.

According to reports, the tree was extinguished on Wednesday this week.

A report that was published by the WMTW said that the fire started after a number of storms passed by that area.

On Facebook, WHCF said:

This is the craziest thing. They say it got hit by lightning and set the inside of this tree on fire. You gotta admit 2020 does not disappoint in the ‘never saw that one coming’ department.

All sorts of weird things are happening this year.

The only thing that’s left are aliens surprising us and revealing all sorts of weird things that we never knew or understood about the universe.

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