Genius Dog Learns How To Speak With Owner In English By Using A Sound Board 

A lot of people interact with their pet dogs by teaching them to follow commands, however, there is this one dog that is capable of talking with his owner in English by using a soundboard that has 45 different phrases.

Bunny, a sheepadoodle, was caught on cam using the soundboard in front of his mother.

He often uses the board to say things like “play,” “beach,” and even “I love you, Mom.”

Bunny was introduced to the specially-made communication pad after he was adopted by Alexis Devine, his owner.

Bunny was adopted in September 2019.

Devine built her own canine soundboard after being inspired by Christina Hunger, a speech-language pathologist, and Stella, the dog of Hunger.

Hunger is one of the first people to use soundboards with dogs.

The owner and the dog are known for using augmentative and alternative linguistic resources to help nonverbal people communicate.

Devine said:

The first soundboard that we used was one that I had made after following Christina’s guidance on her blog. We used that for severqal months before I connected with Leo Trottier, who is a cognitive scientist. He was looking for beta testers of a new device and that is the board we are currently using with Bunny.

The first word that the Bunny got to learn is “Outside”. Devine said that the bunny would often use it when he wants to go outside and play.

What once was just one word, Bunny can know ask Devine about specific buttons, such as “beach” and “park.”

Bunny even learned to talk about Spooky, the pet cat of the family.

Devine said that Bunny would press multiple buttons for “Play, Spooky” when he is in the mood to play with the cat.

Devine is an artist from Tacoma, Washington, which is located in the United States of America.

The owner said that her relationship with Bunny is something that she never had before.

Talking about her relationship with Bunny, Devine said:

Bunny and I work on engagement, tricks and obedience to strengthen our bond daily, but this has added so much laughter, joy and wonder to our lives.

As of writing this, Bunny only uses 45 phrases and words that are present on the board.

This is such a cool way to learn how to interact with your pet dog!

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