Grandson of Ivan Milat, Australia’s most notorious serial killer, says he “couldn’t give the slightest f*** about” the declining health of his granddad

Ivan Milat, who is considered as Australia’s most notorious serial killer, was seen outside the jail for the first time in a decade yesterday, he was brought to the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney for his cancer treatment.

Ivan was seen being escorted out of the hospital with his hands being handcuffed to a wheelchair, and he was also looking much skinnier.

Milat is responsible for the violent, brutal, savage, and disgusting murders of 7 backpackers from 1989 to 1993.

The people who were close to Ivan Milat told the Herald Sun that he only has several months to live.

His declining health led to responses from the family members of Ivan Milat.

Adrian, the grandson of Ivan Milat, said, “Mate I couldn’t give the slightest fuck about that c**t or whether he lives or dies to be frank. Better off dead anyway and save the taxpayer some dinero.”

Alistair Shipsey, the nephew of Ivan Milat, said, “Mum says he’s right on the ball, switched on. Mum says he’s going real good, he’s not dying. He doesn’t want to die. He wants to clear his name.”

Since the day he was arrested, Ivan has claimed that he did not commit the crimes.

And now, the investigators are hoping that they will be able to get a deathbed confession from him about the unsolved gruesome murders of the 7 backpackers.

The former police officer who was in charge of the manhunt to locate Ivan Milat, Clive Small also had something to say about the declining health of Ivan.

He said,  “I don’t believe that he will give a death bed confession because he will take the belief that he has beaten us, or been in charge the whole time, even up to his death because he hasn’t confessed and he hasn’t done what he was told or asked to do; that is, spell out his role in the murders.”

He added, “I believe that it’s part of what kept him alive, kept him aggressive and kept him believing that he was in control. If Ivan had one ounce of decency in him, what he could do before he dies is confess to the crimes that he’s committed. That includes those he’s been convicted of – no doubt about his involvement in those murders – and perhaps a couple of others.”

When Ivan Milat was on trial for the murders, he said that there was no evidence against him, and even placed the blame on his family members for the brutal murders of the 7 backpackers.

Ivan Milat was sentenced on July 27, 1996, for 7 counts of murders, attempted murder, and kidnapping.

He was sentenced with life imprisonment for each victim.

Ivan Milat is currently in prison, where investigators believe the alleged murder will pass away.

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