“Heart-Stopping Moment”: Transit Worker Pulls Drunk Man From Tracks Seconds Before Train Arrives

The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) released a heart-stopping video that showed a drunk man being pulled from the train tracks by a transit worker just seconds before the train arrived.

The drunk man fell from a busy platform.

John O’Connor, the transit worker, could be seen jumping on the tracks to grab the drunk man just seconds before the train arrived.

John pulled the drunk man by the arms and shoulders and yanked him back onto the platform at the Coliseum Station in California.

A second video shows the 2 men embracing as the crowd cheered and clapped for the strong courage of John.

Tony Badilla shared the video on Twitter and wrote, “This #BART worker just saved this man from falling onto the tracks as the train was approaching! Amazing!!”

The video that was shared by BART starts with a man teetering on the edge of the platform and eventually falling down.

As he fell, Jon rushed towards him and pulls the man to safety, saving his life before the train arrived.

According to reports, the train was traveling at over 30 miles per hour when it was heading towards the platform.

Talking about why he saved the man, John said, “I thought the train was going to cut him in half, honestly. I didn’t want to see this guy die. I just did what I did. I just thank God I was there.”

John added, “I was standing on the yellow strip, telling people to stay back, looking toward Lake Merritt when, in my peripheral vision, I saw him fall, almost like he missed a step going up a stairway, and he ended up in the trackway.”

He added, “Everybody was telling him, “get out of the trackway, a train’s coming”.”

Authorities did not release the real identity of the man, but they did confirm that he was drunk when the incident happened.

Reports suggest that the man is in his 20s.

He was later brought in for medical evaluation.

BART thanked John for saving a life.

John O’Connor has worked for the company for nearly 24 years.

A spokesperson of BART said, “John was on the platform and ensuring everyone stayed away from the yellow safety strip. A male who was intoxicated accidentally misstepped and fell into the trackway while a train was approaching. “

The spokesperson added, “John saw this along with other riders and yelled at the man to get back onto the platform. The male didn’t move quick enough so John grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him up by rolling him over his body to safety. They stood up and hugged.”

The man survived the incident.

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