Indonesian Men Seen Torturing And Riding The Back of An Endangered Leatherback Turtle

Just a few days ago, a video and some pictures went viral that showed a bunch of people riding and torturing a black sea turtle in Indonesia. Reports suggest that the video was filmed on July 5, 2019.

The video and pictures show local men of Indonesia riding on the top of the Endangered Leatherback Turtle, which went to the beach to lay an egg.

The short clip shows an elderly man sitting on the turtle while other men were at the background.

After the old man got down, a man, who is in his 30s, sat on the turtle while he was eating a snack.

In the two minutes long video, you could also see a man throwing sand at the turtle and was seen grabbing one of its flippers. The man was also seen standing on its flippers.

The video was allegedly shot at the Asukweri Beach of Indonesia.

The local government is yet to comment on the horrific act of the residents.

The video has gathered many negative comments in which most of them are calling the locals as “cruel” for climbing and abusing the helpless turtle.

The leatherback sea turtle, which is also called as a leathery turtle or lute turtle, is the largest species of turtles.

The leatherback sea turtle is known to weight more than 500 kilograms once it becomes an adult.

The WWF, World Wide Fund for Nature, is currently labeled as a “vulnerable” animal which has seen a drastic decline in recent years.

The leatherback turtles do not really have any predators.

But experts are currently saying that most of the turtles accidentally eat plastic or get trapped in lobster traps or fishing nets.

Turtles accidentally swallow plastic bags as they think they are jellyfish.

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