Kind Police Officer Delivers Kebab To Hungry Customer After Arresting Fast Food Driver

Police to the rescue!

The police in England ended up delivering kebab to a customer after they had to arrest a fast-food driver.

Modern problems require modern solutions, and this phrase fits here in the best possible manner.

Roads Policing officers in Woodley, Berkshire had to pull over a delivery driver on a quiet residential street on Wednesday, October 21, 2020, after noticing that one of his tires was so worn out that part of the cord started to show.

This is a very dangerous thing to do, especially if you are a driver.

Another thing that the driver did is that he gave false details because he had no insurance with him and he was driving the vehicle without any driver’s license.

The police also ended up searching his vehicle along with him because he was acting suspiciously.

The man ended up being arrested for driving under the influence of drugs.

The police ended up seizing his vehicle too.

Despite all the things that the authorities had done, they made sure that the food that they found inside the vehicle would be delivered.

They found a kebab inside the vehicle and the police officers had to deliver it to the right person.

One of the police officers that were involved in the arrest of the delivery driver, who was not identified, said that the kebab was intended for a customer that was living 3 houses away from the scene.

Knowing that they had to make sure that a good citizen should not go hungry, the police officer went to the house of the citizen and dropped off the food.

Social media users ended up making fun of the incident and why wouldn’t they, right?

Imagine walking to your front door expecting your food but instead, you see a police officer.

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