Las Vegas: Man Climbs On Top Of Plane Wing Before Takeoff

A dumb man from Las Vegas, USA, has been arrested by the authorities after they were caught on camera climbing the top of an airplane wing.

The man was caught on cam climbing and falling off the plane face first.

The man, who was not identified, made it onto the wing of the plane, walked over it and tried to get up more as the police were trying to get him down.

The incident reportedly happened on an Alaska Airlines flight shortly before it was due to set off to Portland, Oregon, at McCarran Airport on December 12, 2020.

Brooke Knight shared a video of the incident on Twitter, where it went viral right away.

Watch the video below:

It is still unclear how the man got up the plane.

Initially, people were amused by the behavior of the man, but things turned sour after he refused to get down.

The acts of the man-caused the flight to be delayed.

The man also removed his socks and shoes while they were up on the wing and was even caught throwing them down on the runway.

After some time, the man fell from the wing and hit his head first on the ground.

It is still not clear if the man sustained any serious injuries during the incident.

The man was arrested by the authorities, confirmed by the police, but no official confirmation was made on the condition of the man.

The Las Vegas Police said that the suspect man jumped over the fence surrounding the airport grounds and got up.

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