Lecturer Live-Streams Class Lecture For Students That Are Isolating, Ends Up Capturing X-Rated Act

A number of public places have closed down due to the coronavirus outbreak, and one of those places includes schools and some classes.

In the Macquarie University in Sydney, some of the lectures are being live-streamed by lecturers so that students that are self-isolating can catch up.

For those that are stuck in the houses, these live-streamed lectures are providing extra entertainment.

A law class at the University caught 2 of her students participating in a sexual act, which left everyone in shock.

The teacher of the law class had to pause her class for around 5 minutes so she could deal with the entire ordeal.

The teacher, who was pretty disturbed with what she saw, said she needed to bleach her eyes.

The teacher reportedly said this after seeing the horrible act of her students:

“Let’s go a bit more into termin-, oh my god … Give me a minute guys I just want to bleach my eyes and my brain. I love you all but give me one sec, we’re going to have to have a talk now.”

The teacher added, “Alright, um… so, I know that precedent is a very sexy topic and I love it when my audience is excited and animated and engaged… dear lord, but there’s a limit to that, and ironically it’s the law, law students.”

She continued, “The student code of conduct that governs that, that being said, dear lord, if you’d like to have special love time with your partner… if you’d like to spend time with your partner, um… there are some perfectly sanitised and malleable beanbags, I’m sure there is an empty cinema around here still trying to make the movie Cats work, it’s empty, go for your life.”

The teacher, whose identity was not shared with the public, said that this is not the first time that she has faced something like this in one of her classes.

The teacher said, “This is the second time I’m saying this in my career: No below the belt touching in my lecture theatre please.”

A number of students in her class, who did not see what was going on, started to ask the teacher to name the student that she caught performing a sexual act.

The teacher refused to release the name of the student and went on to continue teaching.

Before continuing to teach, the teacher said, “Just to qualify: This is a mentoring unit so I will give some sort of mentorship here, advice … the strategic placement of the hoodie on the lap only draws the eye more.”

She added, “I said before that I was glad they kept the university open today … I don’t know, although I guess if we actually enforced that 1.5m rule I wouldn’t be having this conversation with you now.”

She continued, “Jesus Christ commencing class of 2020, we’ll remember this fondly and I’ll remind you of this at graduation.”

After getting to know about the incident, Macquarie University released a comment about the incident.

In a statement that they released, the university said, “The university is aware of the alleged incident and the lecturer took the right steps to manage the incident at that time.”

The statement added, “We remind students of our Student Code of Conduct in relation to their behaviour at Macquarie University.”

If I was the teacher, I would have bleached my eyes on the spot.

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