Man Proposes To Girlfriend With Hundreds Of Candles, Ends Up Burning Down Entire House

A man from the United Kingdom wanted to propose to his girlfriend in a very romantic way, but instead, he ended up burning down their entire house.

The man, who is from South Yorkshire, England, wanted to propose to his girlfriend, so he went on to lit hundreds of tea lights in their apartment and filled it with balloons.

However, things did not go well.

The man, whose identity was not shared with the public, went to pick up his partner, but back in their house, the candles had lit a fire.

The South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Department said that the couple came back to their house when it was on fire.

Last night we were called to a marriage proposal that didn't quite go to plan. Want to hear more? Yes, we thought you…

Posted by South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue on Tuesday, 4 August 2020

3 fire engines were also called to the incident right away.

Investigations revealed that the man left the candles and tea lights unattended.

The South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Department shared the images of the incident on Facebook, where a lot of people made fun of the couple.

We forgot about the proposal part.

The good thing is that the girlfriend said yes despite the fact that their house got burned down.

Not only that, luckily no one was injured in the incident.

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