Mexican Man Suffers 3-Day Erection After Taking Sexual Stimulant Used For Breeding Bulls

A man from Mexico was hospitalized after he suffered 3 days of erection after he took a sexual stimulant that is used for breeding bulls.

The patient, whose identity was not shared with the public, had a 3-day erection when he was rushed to a hospital in Reynosa, a US-Mexico border city.

In order to make his erection go away, the medics at the Specialist Hospital 270 had to perform an emergency operation on the man.

The man reportedly took the Viagra for bulls in order to have a sexual experience with a 30-year-old female partner.

As per reports, the medics at the hospital released a statement about the incident.

The statement said, “He was admitted to the Specialties 270 hospital of the IMSS of this city (Reynosa), a man who would have ingested a sexual stimulant that he brought from Veracruz, used by farmers in that region, to stimulate bulls for insemination.”

The man reportedly went to Veracruz, traveling 12 hours, in east Mexico to buy the stimulant that is only intended to be used for breeding bulls.

Authorities didn’t tell what type of stimulant the Mexican man used.

The progress of the man was not shared with the public.

Authorities did reveal a picture of the man, showing him lying on a bed at the hospital.

This has to be one of the most hilarious news of this year.

One thing’s for sure now, the bull stimulant is not for humans.

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