Woman Stabs Husband For Saving Pics Of Woman In His Phone Just To Realize It Was Her When She Was Slim

A woman, who was confused, ended up stabbing her husband multiple times after thinking that there were pictures of her husband with another woman, just to find out that it was her.

Well, that happened.

The wife was in complete jealousy and thought that her husband was cheating on her.

The wife flew into a jealousy rage and did the act to her husband.

It was reported that she saw images of him with another woman, who was actually her.

The picture was taken a couple of years ago.

The incident happened in the municipality of Cajeme, Senora, which is located in Mexico.

The woman was identified as Leonora N.

The authorities apprehended her for wounding her husband, who has been identified as Juan N.

She stabbed him with a sharp knife after finding the pictures on the cellphone.

The husband managed to take the knife from her and explained that the pictures were of them when they were young and slim.

Juan convinced his wife that he managed to get digitalized pictures of the old pictures that they had and stored them in the mobile phone that he owns.

The authorities were called to the scene after neighbors heard screams coming out from the house.

Authorities did not reveal any other details about the incident that happened in Mexico.

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