Mother Accidentally Set Her Face On Fire While Trying To Light Cigarette Using Kitchen Hob

A woman accidentally set her face on fire after her hair caught alight when she was using her kitchen hob to light up a cig.

Louise Tanner, a mother of 2 kids, wanted to light up a cigarette but could not find her lighter, so she ended up using the hob on her cooker.

As Tanner leaned over to light her cigarette, her hair, which was covered in hair spray, caught on fire.

Not only did her hair catch fire, her ears, head, face, and neck were also burned heavily.

It is reported that Tanner, who is from West Sussex, UK, sustained 3rd-degree burn damages.

Recalling the incident, Tanner said:

That day was the worst day of my life but I’m just thankful to be alive. I’m now speaking out to raise awareness for burn victims and let them know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I clicked on the gas ring to light the cigarette, but as I leaned over to take a puff, my hair went up in flames. I began running in circles around the kitchen, howling in pain. The flames quickly spread from my head down to my face and neck. I kept screaming for help before desperately ripping my hair out from the roots.

After a number of minutes, Tanner managed to run the cold water over her head.

Tanner then went upstairs inside her room to lie down, just to be found by her husband, who is now her former husband, with extreme burn injuries.

He then called an ambulance and Louise was rushed to a hospital, where she had sustained third-degree burns.

This caused her entire face to swell up

Tanner explained what it felt like by saying:

I felt like someone had beaten me up. Thankfully, a nurse appeared and gave me a dose of morphine. After I was bandaged up, two nurses used paper-clips to open my eyes so they could prise out my contact lenses.

A day after the incident, Tanner saw how badly her face got burnt.

She said:

I felt so ugly. It was like I was in a nightmare and I couldn’t wake up.

Tanner was transferred to a special burn unit at the East Grinstead Hospital, where doctors told her that she will be getting a donor skin graft.

She said:

After the hour-long operation, I felt sick. My face looked like a quilt, it was devastating. I couldn’t stop thinking about how all of this could’ve been avoided if I’d just been more careful.

2 days after the ordeal, Louise was able to get home, however, she said life has not been the same.

She said that people would stare at her every time she would go out.

The incident happened last year, and now, the face of Tanner is pretty healed.

However, the poor mum of 2 still has nerve damage, which prohibits her to go out in direct sunlight.

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