Mother Of 2 Was In Coma For 3 Days After Drinking Just One Sip Of Diet Coke

Elizabeth Perkins, a mother of 2 kids, went to coma for 3 days after she was accidentally given Diet Coke instead of the full-fat version of the soft drink.

When Perkins was at a pub, a staff served her a drink that had diet coke, and by just taking a small sip of the drink, she went to coma for 3 days.

According to reports, 30-year-old Elizabeth suffered severe allergic reactions from aspartame and asphetame, which are artificial sweeteners that are used in diet drinks.

Elizabeth said she avoids artificial sweeteners, and so does her 2 sons, who are also allergic to the substances.

When the staff at the pub served her the drink, she realized right away that she had been served a drink with diet coke.

During an interview, Elizabeth said, “I’d asked for a full-fat Coke, and stressed that it had to be full fat as usual to the bartender. But once I took my first sip and straight away, I knew it tasted strange, and I could feel the usual sickness start like I was going to be sick. I instantly felt dizzy and felt the room go dark as my body tried to fight off the allergic reaction. I learned later that a friend had guided me into a chair but I’d just passed out.”

She added, “I had less than a sip of diet cola and I was rushed to a hospital, in a coma for three days. And it had taken three days for it to work its way out of my system – it was terrifying.”

Talking about their genetic problem, Elizabeth said it is hard for her to look for food that has sweeteners in anything she buys, as a small mistake can be fatal.

Elizabeth and her 2 sons do not have the enzymes that break down the sweeteners.

Talking about what happens if they accidentally eat food with sweeteners, Elizabeth said it’s like “instant poison” and will instantly make them dizzy.

Also, Elizabeth said they start to vomit afterward.

Talking about how hard their life is, Elizabeth said, “It breaks my heart, especially for the boys. They can’t even have birthday cakes like their friends because the icing contains artificial sugars. For Matthew’s birthday, at the last minute, I was told I would have provided the meals for my boys whilst their friends enjoyed the party food. It feels like we’re penalized for needing the sugared versions of things when really, it’s a necessity – we need it to survive.”

Elizabeth doesn’t rely on food products that are premade, and that’s why she makes every meal and drink for her kids and herself from scratch.

Everything inside the lunchboxes of Jacob and Matthew, the 2 sons of Elizabeth, are made entirely by their mom.

Elizabeth says preparing everything by herself is really time-consuming, but says it is worth it because she knows her family is safe.

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