Pakistan PM Wants To Implement Laws That Would Allow Country To Publicly Execute Or Chemically Castrate Rapists

Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, said on Monday this week that he wants to implement laws in the country that would allow the government to publicly execute or chemically castrate convicted rapists.

The statement came out after a woman was raped on a highway in Pakistan last week.

Last week, a mot her of 2 kids, was driving along a major highway near Lahore, Pakistan, when she was dragged out of her car and was raped by 2 men at gunpoint.

1 of the 2 men has been arrested by the police.

Khan said that the culprits of that case should be hanged publicly.

However, authorities in Pakistan informed him that doing such an act could endanger a preferential trade status given to Pakistan by the European Union (EU).

The Generalized System of Preferences status that was granted to Pakistan in 2014 allows international conventions, which includes human rights.

Khan is currently looking into the option of chemical castration.

During an interview with the press after the horrible crime, Prime Minister Khan said:

The way there is first degree, second degree, third degree murder, this [rape] should be graded in the same way, and when there is first degree [rape], castrate them. Operate on them and make them unable to do this.

One of the 2 men that got arrested by the police for being involved in the horrific crime admitted to the police that he did the crime.

Authorities confirmed that they had a positive DNA match.

The police in the country are currently looking for the second suspect.

Authorities managed to retrieve DNA samples from the crime scene, used GPS data from cellular phone networks to identify individuals that were near the scene when the attack happened and tracked down potential criminals.

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