Pet Owner Makes Dog-Sized Holes In Fence So Her Pets Can See Her When She Comes Home

A pet owner has come up with an amazing idea that would allow her dogs to look at her when she comes home.

The pet owner that we are talking about made dog-sized holes in their fences so her dogs can see her when she comes home.

She shared the amazing hack on TikTok, which is a social media platform.

The person that shared the hack, who was not identified, says that her dogs get excited and start to go near the fence of their house each time she arrives.

In order to make sure that they could see her coming, the woman drilled 3 holes for each dog, one for their snouts and 2 for their eyes.

This allows the dogs to see what’s going on right now.

Simple, but an effective way to keep her dogs happy.

The video was shared with the caption of: “Mommy is home”

The video has over 2 million likes and is getting more day by day.

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