Pilot Lands His Helicopter At Petrol Station To Refuel And Takes Off Like Nothing Happened

Motorists of a small town in Poland were stunned when a pilot landed his helicopter at a petrol station and filled up his transport and took off again like nothing happened.

The bizarre incident was caught by a customer of the petrol station.

It is said that the incident happened at a Shell Petrol Station, which is located in Garwolin, Southeastern Warsaw in Poland.

The video was then shared on YouTube, where it went viral right away.

The video, which you can see above, shows a huge black chopper at the station while the pilot fills up the tank as shocked workers and customers watched.

The employees of the Shell Petrol Station could be seen standing near the helicopter as it got ready to take off.

A customer that was present at the petrol station, said:

I have seen many things in my life, but to land a helicopter at the station…

The police have launched an official investigation towards the incident after the video of the helicopter went viral on social media.

Marek Kapusta, a spokesperson of the Police, said:

We are conducting an investigation under the supervision of the prosecutor’s office. It was not difficult to track him down, because he took an invoice from the petrol station, i.e. he gave his details.

This clip looks like something a video game player would do when they play GTA…

Jokes aside, no one was injured or killed in the bizarre incident.

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