Registered Sex Offender Freed On Bail Kidnaps And Rapes Woman Weeks After Getting Out Of Jail

USA: A Massachusetts registered sex offender that was freed on bail was arrested again for rape after kidnapping and raping woman when she was trying to leave his house.

39-year-old Shawn McClinton was arrested on charges of aggravated rape, armed kidnapping with sexual assault and related counts.

The arrested was made after a woman told the police that she was forced to perform oral sex on Shawn after meeting him on Tuesday on a Quincy street.

She was reportedly held on knifepoint.

Shawn is a level 3 sex offender.

After meeting in the Quincy Street, the sex offender and the woman went to his house in city’s Dorchester section, where he accused the woman of being an undercover police officer.

When the woman, whose identity was not shared with the public, tried to leave the house, she was forced to perform oral sex.

McClinton was released from jail 3 weeks earlier in a 2018 rape case.

Boston Police Commissioner William Gross said he was “absolutely appalled” that McClinton was granted bail given that he has a violent history.

McClinton was convicted of rape in 1994 and 2007.

A judge ordered McClinton held without bail Thursday.

McClinton is due back in court on September 4, 2020.

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