Robber Breaks Into Restaurant And Makes Himself A Pizza Before Fleeing Away With Delivery Car And Cash

Sometimes, we get hungry.

A video that is viral on the internet right now shows a robbery, a failed one I guess.

The entire scene was caught on camera.

The burglar broke inside a pizza shop, got hungry, and made himself a pizza before stealing some cash and fleeing away with a delivery car.

People that have watched the video are left in laughs and tears of joy.

The camera that is installed in the store shows the man changing gloves before handling the dough and spreading some cornmeal on the counter.

It looks like this robber wanted to show his pizza-making skills. Who knew robbers could make pizza?

The Fullerton Police Department shared the video with a hilarious caption on Instagram, a social media platform.

The video was shared with the caption: “You’ve heard of the Hamburglar? Well, meet the Pizza Burglar!”

Rafael Calles, the manager of the store, was in an interview with CBS Los Angeles where he said that the robber could have been hungry.

He added: “Maybe he was hungry. It’s kind of funny, but we got hit and it’s not nice.”

The manager also said that it had never happened to them before.

The store had been running for the last 17 years.

A day after the incident, they had to close the store.

The local police said that the burglar broke in, made pizza, stole their tablets, got the cash, took the keys of the store, and left the store with the delivery car.

It was later revealed by the police that the man had brought in a toy gun.

One week after the incident happened, the thief was identified by the Fullerton Police Department and was arrested.

The police shared the mugshot of the robber.

People on social media were left in tears of joy after watching the entire video.

Some of the viewers also wondered if the man was working at the pizza shop before because he knew how to make one.

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