Sacramento Karen: Woman Gets Punched In Face For Calling Black Woman The N-Word

A white woman called a black woman the n-word when she was shopping at a mall in California, which led a woman to punch her in the face twice.

In the video, the unidentified middle-aged woman uses racist slur during an argument with a young black woman.

The incident reportedly happened in a supermarket in Sacramento, California on Monday this week.

Most of their exchange was not clear, however, you could clearly hear the white elderly woman saying “All I said was excuse me”.

The black woman says “racist” and throws something towards the white woman, who then used her arms to shield her face.

This led the white woman to say the n-word, which enraged the young black woman, who squares up with the woman.

The woman then threateningly tells the woman to “Try it”.

The middle-aged woman then calls the young black lady the n-word, which could be heard this time loud and clear.

The black woman then punches her on the face.

According to reports, the incident happened at a 7-Eleven and its video was captured by a bystander, who shared it on social media.

The white woman has been dubbed as the “Sacramento Karen”.

According to reports, the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department was called at the scene on June 22, 2020.

No charges were filed.

It is said that the white woman in the video did not file a complaint against the young black woman.

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