She Said Yes! Professional Stuntman Proposes To Girlfriend While On Fire

Riky Ash, a professional stuntman from the United Kingdom, took proposals to a whole new level when he did his while he was on fire.

During a decoy photoshoot that he set up to surprise Katrina Dobson, a coronavirus nurse, the stuntman set himself on fire and proposed.

In a video that was shared on YouTube, Dobson could be seen wearing a magenta scrubs before Ash set himself on fire and dropped on his knee to propose.

Ash said:

I couldn’t see anything more impressive than proposing on fire. I sat down with a pen and paper, then I contact relevant people, and put the idea to them.

Ash was doused with an accelerant so a big whoosh of fire could be seen.

The crew reportedly had fire extinguishers in case a malfunction happened.

Not only that, but wet towels were also ready.

The best thing about this is that the wife said yes!

Dobson, who is from Kent, UK, said:

It was a whirlwind romance. Then lockdown happened and we spoke on the phone every day for three weeks.

Dobson was told that they were participating in a photoshoot that was about an NHS nurse that was finding love during this coronavirus pandemic.

Ash has been stunting as a body double for 27 years. He has worked with Richard Burton to Johnny Depp.

Such an amazing and dangerous way to propose!

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