Slippery Thieves: Shirtless Gang Of Robbers Apply Oil On Themselves So They Could Escape Arrest

A gang of half-naked thieves installed fear in residents of the city of Khusab, which is located in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

They robbed 5 people and their houses in just 1 single night and managed to escape arrest because they had applied oil on their bodies.

It is reported that 5 naked thieves robbed houses in the city’s Azeem Town, Gulshir Town, Shehzad Town, and Canal Rest House areas on the evening of September 21, 2020.

The police said that their investigations helped them to find out that the gang applied mustard oil on their bodies so when the police would try to catch them, they would be slippery.

That’s not it by the way.

A CCTV footage that is widely shared on social media shows the thieves half-naked holding their weapons and firing in the air after committing their crimes.

Official cases have been registered against the thieves.

They also said that they will be arrested soon.

An official investigation has been launched for the robbers and an attempt to know their names are being carried out.

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