Spice Heist: Thieves Steal Saffron Worth $60,000 In London

When you realize that you have been robbed, the first thing that would come out in your mind would be the expensive items, not the expensive ones that are present in your kitchen. However, robbers in London were after spices, not the expensive items that you would hide away.

The robbers that we are talking about were just mad about saffron.

Yes, saffron, the spice.

In London this week, burglars walked off with $60,000 worth of saffron.

The London police released CCTV footage of 2 burglars breaking into a warehouse in Ilford, sneaking away with 22 pounds of saffron.

Saffron is a spice that is worth more than its weight when it is converted to gold.

The police explained why the spice is so expensive.

They said:

The spice is expensive due in part to its labor-intensive harvesting method. It is used in a number of cuisines, including in Spanish, Moroccan and Persian dishes.

Det. Sgt. Laura Mills, an investigating officer, said:

This is someone’s livelihood and this theft will, of course, impact their business. The victims are angry and upset that someone has done this to them. It’s important that those who are responsible are caught and the spice is returned to its rightful owners.

This is a type of robbery that you do not get to hear quite often.

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