Tennessee Man Sets Grandmother’s House On Fire While Dogs Were Still Inside

A man from Tennessee has been arrested and charged with arson and animal cruelty for setting his grandmother’s house on fire while the dogs of the Nan were still inside a room.

Dustin Sneed reportedly set his grandmother’s flat after dousing a room with her 2 pet dogs in vodka.

Sneed is currently charged with arson and animal cruelty after the police and firefighters were called to a blaze at the Kingwood Circle, which is located in East Ridge of Tennessee.

According to the authorities, the incident happened on May 5, 2020.

When the police arrived at the house of the grandmother, whose identity was not shared with the public, there was smoke coming out from the house.

The backdoor was unlocked and it was clear that the house was purposely set on fire.

The computer of the grandmother and a number of her items were destroyed in a bedroom where the fire began.

Courte records said that Sneed led the 2 dogs inside and set the bedroom on fire.

The East Ridge Police arrest report said that a bottle of vodka was also missing from the house of the grandmother.

The grandmother told the police that her grandson Sneed was the only person who knew where the vodka was kept in.

The police later received reports that Sneed had been seen dropping a bottle of vodka and asking for a beer and matches at a nearby diner on Ringgold Road, East Ridge.

When he was refused service, a witness said that the man started to pour the vodka around the exit of the diner before he threw it away.

He also used his phone at the eatery to call his grandmother.

The East Ridge Police arrested Sneed on May 13, 2020.

He is currently facing the following charges:

  1. Aggravated Arson
  2. Arson
  3. Aggravated Burglary
  4. Aggravated Cruelty to Animals
  5. Vandalism

Stan Allen, the chief if the police, said that the 2 dogs that were inside the bedroom managed to escape and came out without sustaining any injuries.

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