This 20-Year-Old McDonald’s Burger Looks Like A New One But Smells Like Cardboard

A McDonald’s burger that was purchased in 1999 looks like it was made a couple of days ago.

David Whipple, the owner of the extremely old burger, says the meat and the burger smell like cardboard.

Man unveils 20-year-old hamburger

EXCLUSIVE: You won't BELIEVE how good this 20-year-old hamburger looks. WATCH as Utahn David Whipple explains how this all happened.STORY:

Posted by KUTV 2News on Thursday, 2 January 2020

David said he bought the burger at a McDonald’s in Logan, Utah, in July 1999.

He originally purchased the burger to use in a demonstration about enzymes and deterioration.

Talking about the burger that he bought in 1999, “It got stuck in a coat pocket. The coat got thrown in the back of my van, and I guess it just got hung up on our closet in Logan.”

He added, “Subsequently, we moved from Logan to St. George, Utah, and it stayed there for a couple of years and I think my wife was giving the coat away or something and found it.”

The burger of David originally went viral 7 years ago, when he revealed it to the public.

After revealing the burger, David placed the burger back in a tin and stored it before revealing it again.

In a recent interview with KUTV, David opened the tin to take a glimpse on the burger.

David opened the tin to show the bun.

Aside from the pickle that the burger had, the burger and the bun relatively look the same.

Talking about the most recognizable difference, David said the burger has a bad cardboard smell.

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